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AI technology to help revolutionize education

Aug 1

15th May 2023, 15:37 GMT Ms Lipa Bunton | Education Staff Writer


SENIOR high school students, teachers and administrators from different schools in the Philippines gathered in a webinar to learn how the newest technologies could affect their future career goals while delving on how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries and shaping the future of work, including in the education sector.


With the theme, "Equipping Learners with 21st Century Skills that Go Beyond the Classroom," the Student BootQamp webinar organized by edtech and LMS platform Quipper held last month, aimed to upskill students with modern skills to become employable and to empower them to embrace technology as an integral part of their learning process.


In a statement sent to The Manila Times Campus Press, Natalie Do, international expansion senior director at the English Language Speech Assistant (ELSA) Speak Corp., discussed the importance of AI technology to generate conversation about its benefits and functions in various processes.


She explained how AI would significantly change the system in various sectors, deeming it a monumental development of existing technologies.


"The use of AI provides automation that is beneficial to make things easier for us. It is a revolutionary tool that can create more opportunities for people to improve their work," Do said. Regarding its benefits in the education sector, she highlighted that AI is not there to replace educators in the classroom and to make students rely solely on AI knowledge. Instead, it integrates intelligent tutoring systems into students' learning and applies adaptive assessments for teachers to give lessons and tests suitable for student learning.


"The fear of AI replacing our work will not happen because, despite its power to generate knowledge, it doesn't do fact-checking well. However, it can make a difference in transforming our operations or day-to-day work by designating repetitive tasks, like grading exams, creating modules or lessons, drafting emails for work, and more to AI," Do said.


Do also shared how ELSA Speak hones and uses the power of AI to teach English communication skills to their different users worldwide.


"We aim to enable different English learners worldwide to create more opportunities. And I believe that Quipper and ELSA Speak share the same mission, thus making AI and technology, in general, an integral part of learning," she said.


Quipper Philippines' mission is to bring the best education to every corner of the world. It aims to provide, improve and distribute quality education, through technology, to create a world where every child is given an equal opportunity to learn and gain knowledge.;URL={18BD1785-B1E1-4FCD-8383-49E3516BFA6E}&FilterField1=FirstName&FilterValue1=robert3