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Reserve Residences location is nearby and several other amenities and nature facilities

May 26

The Reserve Residences tenure of remaining units of mixed development, which was launched through URA as a conceptual tender that allows bidders to participate in the tender to purchase The Reserve Residences site. This tender by URA invites bidders to to submit an idea proposition and an estimate of the price of the development they propose. Any concept proposal that is that is submitted to The Reserve Residences will be assessed according to a list of standards. The selected proposals will be evaluated by their cost. The URA plans to develop the project as a unified transport and shopping hub, as well as the upgrade the design of Beauty World.

Conceptual designs must include pedestrian paths, public spaces as well as top-quality interiors. Additionally, the design should be in harmony with amenities available to the public. This is a crucial component of any residential or commercial property. A representative from the URA will examine the concept to determine if any proposed project is good match to the site. The concept that is successful will be picked for the next stage of evaluation. The decision to award site will be announced at the discretion of URA at a later date. URA on a subsequent time.

The tenders for Jln Anak Bukit concept tender was given to the consortium led by Far East Organization. The consortium includes FE Landmark, FE Residences Trustee and FEC Retail Trustee. The project will begin marketing by 30th of June , 2020. The site is located near Beauty World's Metro station.

The Reserve Residences Concept Plan by Far East

The preliminary design for The Reserve Residences in Far East shows that the construction that will be part of The Jalan Anak Bukit condo will be a mixed-use property with a flourishing residential as well as commercial area. It is anticipated for the reserve Residences will be a fully integrated transportation hub which will improve the accessibility and the vitality of the neighborhood around the property and residents at Beauty World. The development will consist of commercial and residential areas, with the bus interchange located on the second level in addition to appealing public areas. The goal is to create a lively urban hub in Beauty World. The development will enhance the beauty Beauty World estate with eye-catching designs pedestrian-friendly roads as well as well-designed spaces for gatherings. The community will be an active urban center within The Beauty World for events and gatherings for the community.

The planned development will comprise the dining, retail and entertainment area as well as one hectare of meters of land for a plaza. The planned development will also serve as an essential part of the Beauty World. Beauty World estate. The planned development will also have terraces and roof gardens that will be planted with plants. The roof gardens are designed to seamlessly integrate into the overall structure , and offer the appearance of greenery on the street. The proposed development will consist of 845 luxurious units, with an elevation of 36 floors.

The Reserve Residences - The Reserve Residences - Prime Location

Reserve Residences Reserve Residences are situated in the most desirable area in Bukit Timah. It is an extremely sought-after residential estates inside Singapore. The most sought-after location, Bukit Timah located in Singapore offers a variety of advantages. To begin, starters, The Reserve Residences is located in a prime educational zone that includes Bukit Timah's Timah Primary School as well as Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School within the same mile. The Reserve Residences is located in a secluded neighborhood that is near a range of shopsand gives residents with a level of convenience that can't be matched.

Shopping at The Reserve Residences location is unrivalled, especially when you consider it is located in the Bukit Timah region includes a wide array of grocery stores and shopping malls. The convenience of these stores makes them a great option for those who enjoy shopping for everyday necessities. There is a wide range of shops within the Bukit Timah area, as well. The Reserve Residences Residents will be awed by the range of options they have. They are only 5 minutes away from Bukit Timah's Beauty World MRT Station. Bukit Timah is the central point for many other areas of Singapore and the central area of the city. The property is located in an enviable, lush valley, residents The Reserve Residences is in the central part and center. With its many public transportation options, Bukit Timah is a central location for convenience.

All residents living in The Reserve Residences Bukit Timah have access to the Botanic Gardens situated in the Botanic Gardens which covers an 85-hectare site located in Singapore's initial UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is easily accessible via buses, and excellent schools are within the vicinity and are located within The Orchard Road belt. Although it's situated near to the city's center, Bukit Timah still offers residents a tranquil and warm environment that is ideal to create families.

Schools that are close the The Reserve Residences Condo

If you're looking for an opportunity to buy property at Bukit Timah, you're in the right place. Bukit Timah area, schools are located near The Reserve Residences Condo. Bukit Timah is a sought-after neighborhood for families due to numerous great schools located in the area that provide a broad range of options for people living within the vicinity. There are numerous renowned schools situated near The Reserve Residences condominium, including Methodist Girls Nanyang Girls High School Hwa Chong Institution, and National Junior College. Other schools that are close by are Methodist Girls School Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School Bukit Timah School as well as Nanyang Girls' Secondary School.

The Reserve Residences Condo

Reserve Residences Reserve Residences is an upcoming mixed-use development near with Beauty World MRT station. Beauty World MRT station. It's part of the Beauty World precinct and will comprise mixed-use facilities such as an integrated transportation hub as well as retail, residential, food and beverage , and numerous other functions that are compatible. The property is located in a GLS region near Upper Bukit Timah Road and Jalan Jurong Kechil. The Beauty World MRT station is just two minutes walk away.

The area to the rear the rear of The Reserve Residences condominium is an additional advantage. The area is close to numerous public facilities like Bukit Timah Shopping Center, Beauty World MRT station and Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. In addition, the condominium is situated near Bukit Timah market. Bukit Timah Market, which serves as a restaurant as also a market. The accessibility and convenience provided through The Reserve Residences Condo Jalan Anak Bukit condominium make it a perfect place to reside and work.

Reserve Residences Connection to major expressways. Reserve Residences Connection to Major expressways

It is located close to to the Beauty World MRT Station, The Reserve Residences Condo is easily accessible by automobile, either via bus or taxi. The mixed-use project will benefit from a prime position, located to two areas: Central Business District and Orchard Road. The forthcoming Integrated Transport Hub will greatly improve accessibility to the development and link it to major expressways like the Pan-Island Expressway as well as the Bukit Timah Expressway.

Alongside connecting to expressways of major importance, residents in The Reserve Residences Condo will have access to the nature trail which extends for 24 km. The trail is a continuous route through Singapore so residents are close to nature no matter where they live. Plans were developed to improve the quality that the trail has as well as green areas, which are vital elements of the Singapore Rail Corridor.

The Residences at the Reserve are close to Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub

If you're looking for an ideal location in Bukit Timah, The Reserve Residences located close to the newly built Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub is the ideal choice. The hub provides excellent connection between Beauty World Metro station as in addition to commercial developments and will also provide various services. The Master Development Plan focuses upon creating an efficient connection between both zones and makes The Reserve Residences more appealing. more attractive.

The reserve Residences and the area around are set to undergo significant changes as young families move in and the estate changes. The plans for the future of The Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub area will comprise an area that has been rezoned close to the former German European School for future housing parcels. The site will also contain the hawker center , as and a community hub that will that will be combined with the existing. Alongside the transportation hub , which is integrated to the site retail and commercial establishments and an MRT station and bus interchanges are currently being constructed. The site has a high likelihood that more families of younger old age will move into to the area, thereby improving the living conditions for residents.

Alongside the current multimodal bus terminal, the new hub for transport will include an air-conditioned 20,000 square meters bus interchange, as well as an underground connection to MRT Beauty World. MRT Beauty World station. As part of its construction, URA also plans to provide more spaces for parks and open areas that are open to the general public.

Nature reserves near The Reserve Residences Condo

Residents living in The Reserve Residences Condo by Far Eastern Organization will be in close proximity to the most breathtaking Singaporean nature reserves, such as The Coast-to-Coast Trail and Rifle Range Natural Park. The proposed pedestrian connectivity will improve the overall ambience as well as being within walking distance of nature-based attractions will promote the pursuit of an active lifestyle. Natural attractions close by include Jalan Anak Bukit Nature Park, Bukit Timah Fire Station and Rifle Range Nature Park.

It will be constructed within the 163 acres Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. In the dense forest The development will give residents the chance to view the diversity that is native to the region. The development is situated on the hill in the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve that is the highest point in Singapore. mountain at 163 metres. Nature-rich surroundings attract Singaporeans and foreigners alike.

What are the reasons to consider investing in The Residency Residences of the Reserve?

  • The location The Reserve condominium is located on Upper Bukit Timah Road, near the intersection with Clementi Road and the upmarket Bukit Timah district. This is an older residential area in Singapore which has a number of historical properties within the vicinity.
  • The closest MRT Station It is located at the nearest Exit A of the Beauty World MRT station is located in central Beauty World Plaza, just across a narrow road, Bukit Timah Link, from the Reserve condominium. About a minute's walk across.
  • The closest schools within a short distance The location of the Reserve Residences is within 1km of Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. It is in fact just 5 minutes to walk across Upper Bukit Timah Road. The site is situated within 2 km of from the Methodist Girl's School, at King Albert Park MRT station.
  • Lifestyle Facilities The Reserve Residences is situated just opposite Jalan Anak Bukit located in Rifle Range Nature Park, as well as located in Bukit Timah Nature Park. People who like nature and hiking are able to make use of the trails that are natural in Bukit Timah Natural Park.
  • Retail stores, F&B, Supermarkets, Banks The neighborhood is well-served in the sense that these facilities are available. In the Reserve Residences located at the Beauty World site there is retail and F&B outlets on Lower levels. On the other hand on the Bukit Timah Link are Beauty World Plaza, Beauty World Centre and Bukit Timah mall. Within 5 minutes' walking distance from the Bukit Timah Plaza.

Far East Organization

The Far East, in conjunction with its Hong Kong-based companion company Sino Group, is one of Asia's biggest real estate companies. Under its umbrella are numerous investment and developer companies that are active within Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China; and Australia.

Since 1960 , since it's inception since 1960, the Group operates as a property developer and manager, and also has property that covers the full spectrum of real estate, from hospitality to residential industrial, commercial, healthcare, retail and industrial segment.

The largest private property company in Singapore; Far East Organization is a major participant in Singapore's growth with more than seventy-eight projects within the portfolio. It has over 55,000 houses , which represents nearly one-in-six houses that are owned by private owners in Singapore. Singapore is also the largest privately-owned residence property.

Far East Organization is committed to creating products that improve the quality of life of its customers. Customers and customers. It has been given with eleven FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence awards which is the most prestigious prize in real estate in the world.